Orthopedic Surgery (SA156042)

Company Name:
The Stembridge Agency, LLC
The foremost contemporary Orthopaedic surgery practice in Central North Carolina has relaunched it efforts to recruit a board certified/board eligible Orthopaedic surgeon. This private practice is dedicated to relieving joint pain and restoring mobility and quality of life. Our physicians and staff are committed to patient education and compassionate care from diagnosis through recovery. We provide advanced orthopaedic care for joint pain sufferers.

The practice specializes in hip, knee and shoulder replacements and revisions, less invasive surgery, physical therapy and accelerated rehabilitation to help relieve joint pain, improve mobility and restore quality of life.

The practice has recently revised their proposal to offer a minimum $300,000 guarantee or 40% of collections. If a physician is able to come in and generate $1,000,000 in collections (a reasonable figure for this practice), he/she would end up taking home $400,000.

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